Richard Heinberg Live - SNAKE OIL: : How the Petroleum Industry’s Misleading Promise of Plenty Imperils Our Future

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

Room 1050 of the Earth Sciences Building at the University of Toronto, 33 Willcocks St., M5S 3B3

Richard Heinberg, author and senior fellow at the Post-Carbon Institute, will talk about fossil fuel resource depletion and what that means for life in the next decades. He will address the ramifications of the fracking oil and gas "boom" in North America.

Oil, coal, and natural gas are finite and depleting, while burning them changes Earth’s climate and compromises our future, so you might think that curtailing their use would be simple common sense. But there are major players in the energy debate that want to keep us burning more. In the past five years this debate has reached a significant turning point with the development of hydrofracturing for oil and gas production. Is this the dawning of a new golden age of cheap energy—or the last gasp of a fuel industry in steep decline?

$8 at the door