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Call of the Forest - The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

Free screening and discussion.

Take a walk in the woods with acclaimed Irish-Canadian scientist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger as she reveals our profound human connection to the ancient and sacred northern forests. 

NAFTA and Free Trade: An Ecological Economics Perspective

Enthusiasm for free trade is based upon the economic theory of comparative advantage. How well does this theory relate to the modern world? And how does the typical template of a free trade agreement, such as NAFTA, align with sustainability-oriented objectives of conserving resources, reducing pollution, and promoting more public goods? Learn about answers to these questions from an  ecological economics perspective.

Details and registration:

2084 Podcast Live | Food Systems | Vol.IV

Curious about the future of food?

SustainableJoes & Love Child Social House are happy to invite you to join the monthly speaker series celebrating the new generation of business and sustainability.

On Monday, May 7th, you can join 2084 Podcast creator and host Stephen Szucs in conversation with Ben Walters, Eric Amyot, Aaron Spiro, and David Albert at the beautiful Love Child Social House.

From live music to an art installation, this event is perfect for those interested in the future of business, food, and sustainability. Provincial Election Campaign Meeting

We will be talking about the Provincial Election campaign.  If you are also concerned about the climate, you're welcome to join us. Email for info.

Planning Meeting on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

Toronto350 will discuss what to do about the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline in Toronto.

Climate Change and Canadians: Public Opinion Research by EcoAnalytics

Climate Action Network Canada's next webinar-workshop, Climate Change and Canadians: Public Opinion Reserach by EcoAnalytics. Make sure to register in advance!

Innovations in Climate Solutions

Arizona State University's School of Sustainability, with the American Society of Adaptation Professionals and the University of the District of Columbia's College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences, is hosting a new five-webinar series -- "Climate Change Adaptation & Resilience Leadership Series".

Planning Meeting on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline

Toronto350 will discuss what to do about the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline in Toronto.

Figure It Out: Sustainable Style 101!

Curious about how to further minimize your carbon footprint without compromising style? Join youth-led organizations Global Figure and Greenback Co. for ​a hands-on yet educational workshop, "Figure It Out: Sustainable Style 101!" at the Make Lemonade space! In celebration of Earth Day and Fashion Revolution Week, participants will learn more about applying principles of conscious consumption to reshape the future of fashion -- one of the world's most polluting industries -- to ensure a healthier climate for all.

Climate Advocacy Workshop: 2018 Election


We are academics, former politicians and activists who will mentor you through the process of engaging with your elected representatives.

This May, you will:
- learn about how our provincial government is acting on climate change, and what more is needed to meet this crisis
- attend an all-candidates meeting, and ask the politicians seeking your vote what they and their party will do about particular issues on climate change solutions


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