TCAN Member Groups

Regional groups

Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is a growing organization of local volunteer groups in Canada and the... read more

Climate Action Now

Climate Action Now is a Toronto-based volunteer group. We are dedicated to awakening Canada's... read more


Each fall, ClimateFast holds a fast and vigil on Parliament Hill in the name of our climate change... read more

Ecologos/Water Docs

"To evoke a spirit of reverence for water; to inform about threats that imperil water; to inspire... read more


Mission: Mitigate climate change impacts by helping people adopt environmentally responsible... read more

Green Majority Media

The Green Majority Media organization is devoted to promotion of environmental information and... read more

Greenpeace Canada

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organization that uses non-violent creative confrontation... read more


JustEarth actively encourages lobbying of federal and provincial members of parliament -- material... read more

Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA)

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance (OCAA), established in 1997, is a coalition of individuals and... read more

Our Horizon

Our Horizon is a national not-for-profit organization that empowers people and communities across... read more

Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC)

Peace and Social Action Committee (PSAC) is a group of Quakers striving to live in harmony with all... read more

Project Neutral

Project Neutral's CarbonShift Tracker helps residents measure their carbon footprint, find out how... read more

City groups

Alliance for a Just Toronto

We are a collective of youth, artists, and community members, organizing to build grassroots power... read more

CREW (Community Resilience to Extreme Weather)

As Toronto's weather is becoming more extreme, CREW is exploring various methods of creating... read more

For Our Grandchildren

For Our Grandchildren has a vision is to connect and empower grandparents and prospective... read more

Green Awakening Network

Green Awakening Network is a group of congregations of the United Church of Canada in the City of... read more

Noor Cultural Centre

Noor Cultural Centre is an Islamic spiritual, cultural and educational centre, guided by Islamic... read more

People's Climate Movement

The People’s Climate Movement – Canada (PCM), is a group of concerned citizens who work together to... read more

Post Carbon Toronto

Post Carbon Toronto is a group of Toronto citizens working together to envision and transition... read more

Stop Line 9 Toronto

Stop Line 9 Toronto is a network of residents in municipal Wards across the city working to pass a... read more

Toronto Chapter of the Council of Canadians

Founded in 1985, the Council of Canadians is one of Canada’s leading social action organizations... read more

Toronto Environmental Alliance

We build a greener city for more

Toronto Youth Environmental Council

The Toronto Youth Environmental Council (TYEC) is a youth-led, nonprofit organization striving to... read more is a growing group of dedicated volunteers, working to reduce climate... read more

Transition Toronto

Transition Toronto is the Toronto chapter of the global Transition Movement, a community-level... read more

Local groups

Association for Canadian Educational Resources (ACER)

ACER is building an army of citizen scientists who can monitor, measure, mitigate, and adapt to the... read more

Climate Change Toronto (CCT)

Climate Change Toronto is a meetup group based in North Toronto. The objectives of their meetups... read more

Green 13

Green 13 is a group of Ward 13 residents concerned about the impact humans are having on our... read more

Green 19

Green 19 is a neighbourhood group in Ward 19 that seeks to engage residents on climate &... read more

Green Neighbours 21

Green Neighbours 21 is a grass-roots, action-oriented group of people who live in Ward 21 (and... read more

Our Place Initiative

Our Place Initiative is a not-for-profit, grassroots organization that encourages, builds and... read more