Webinar: Transformative innovation for a 1.5oC world

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 7:00am to 8:00am


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In the third webinar from the Future Earth Transformations Knowledge-Action Network, join Frances Westley, world renowned scholar from the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience and Graham Leicester from the International Futures Forum and practitioner and author of Transformative Innovation: A guide to practice and policy for a conversation that brings together key insights from the practice and study of innovation to explore what this can tell us about transformative change.


In a world with a changing climate and other contemporary challenges, the most critical question of our time is not whether change is needed, or even necessarily what the solutions are, but how change can be facilitated. One avenue to explore the ‘how to’ question is to focus on innovation. Knowledge is growing from both academia and practice about innovation. But what kinds of innovation are needed for a changing world? Certain kinds of innovation often result in fixes of what is already failing. Disruptive innovations shake things up, but don’t necessarily take things forward. Transformative innovations are therefore needed that help make fundamental shifts towards new patterns in society that are aligned to future aspirations.

This webinar therefore brings together key insights from the practice and study of innovation to explore what this can tell us about transformative change. After the presentations by Frances Westley and Graham Leicester, the webinar will open up to comments, discussion and of course, questions to the speakers.


This webinar is part of a series of activities by Future Earth´s Transformations Knowledge-Action Network, which aims to mobilize a community of researchers and practitioners interested in exploring social transformations to sustainability.

This webinar is open to all, including scientists, communicators, and stakeholders in the fields of sustainability and global change. Feel free to forward this invitation to your networks.

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Frances Westley is a renowned scholar and consultant in the areas of social innovation, strategies for sustainable development, strategic change, visionary leadership and inter-organizational collaboration. Her most recent book, Getting to Maybe (Random House, 2006) focuses the dynamics of social innovation, and institutional entrepreneurship in complex adaptive systems. Experiments in Consilience (Island Press, 2004) focuses on the dynamics of inter-organizational and interdisciplinary collaboration in the management of ecological and conservation problems. At the University of Waterloo, she leads a research team dedicated to understanding social innovation, and has designed both graduate and undergraduate curricula in social innovation.

Graham Leicester is Director of the International Futures Forum, a group established in 2001 to address the question of how to take effective action in a complex world we do not understand and cannot control.  His most recent books explore the theory and practice of ‘21st Century Competencies’ and ‘Transformative Innovation’.  Graham previously ran Scotland's leading think tank, the Scottish Council Foundation, founded in 1997. From 1984-1995 he served as a diplomat in HM Diplomatic Service, specialising in China (he speaks Mandarin Chinese) and the EU. Between 1995 and 1997 he was senior research fellow with the Constitution Unit at University College London. He has also worked as a freelance professional cellist.  He has a strong interest in governance, innovation and education.


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