Sunday, June 11, 2017 - 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Erin Fairgrounds, 190 Main Street, Erin, Ontario

Wellington Water Watchers and Riverfest Elora will present Waterstock - (www.ourwaterstock.ca).  Please see and share this Facebook EVENT LINK

Tickets are only $10 and are available at ourwaterstock.ca

Waterstock is excited to announce our musical programming which include:  Jim Cuddy of Blue RodeoHarrow Fair(Miranda Mulholland -formally of Great Lake Swimmers -  and Andrew Penner - Sunparlour Players) and Oh Susannah

With Chef Michael StadtlanderRuth Klahsen of Monforte Dairy (Stratford), Joshna Maharaj (Gladstone Hotel) and Food Laureate Anita Stewart, Waterstock is set to be a powerful culinary statement with Jason Bangerter (Landon Gall), David Sider (Redstone Winery) & Shea Robinson (Miijidaa Cafe & Bistro) and many others joining in recent days. 

It’s not just about bottled water.

Nestlé and other large corporations have exploited outdated provincial water taking bylaws that were originally intended for agricultural and value-added industrial use. Water is sacred but is becoming rapidly commoditized, ‘bottled’, and shipped around the planet for great profit, (to return, if ever, to our watersheds packaged in a piece of plastic.) The record drought of 2016 highlighted the urgency of the situation and how 2017 is the year to make a stand for water.