Toronto Sustainability Summit

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 8:30am to 2:30pm

MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street, Toronto

More details:

The University of Toronto has a long and outstanding record of global leadership in research and innovation in fields related to energy, environment, climate change, sustainability, cleantech, biofuels, environmental policy and law, and human factors of adoption.  The Toronto Sustainability Summit will celebrate this achievement and explore ways in which the University can collaborate and partner with surrounding governments, industry and investors to amplify its collective efforts to impact the environmental issues facing our society.

The summit will bring together individuals from various sectors and backgrounds, such as policy makers, academics, business leaders and entrepreneurs, to exchange ideas with government on ways to inform and shape public opinion and public policy to meet the challenges of climate change; to enhance industry research partnerships with the aim of building a less carbon intensive society, reducing greenhouse gases and moving towards clean energy; and to encourage and foster sustainable start-up companies developed from research at the University that can have an impact on this global issue.

The Toronto Sustainability Summit will:

  • highlight U of T’s work with the City of Toronto to drive sustainable innovation in Toronto, Ontario and Canada with government, policy-makers, industry, and  the investment community;
  • showcase the research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities occurring in the many areas of sustainability, cleantech and clean energy at the UofT and open the doors to further collaborations and partnerships;
  • bring together industry, researchers, academics, students, start-up founders, investors, government agencies and others to explore potential opportunities for collaboration and partnership while learning about the sustainability innovation occurring at U of T.