TCAN General Meeting

Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm

Climate Ventures Zone, CSI Spadina (192 Spadina Ave)
Enter at the North-side door, take the stairs/elevator to the 2nd floor and follow the green arrows to the back of the building.

Here is the agenda:
1. TCAN Land Acknowledgement  - presentation of a framework
2. Speaking as a network - delegate voting on proposed update to rules of governance
3. Fridays for Future - hearing from Allie, one of the organizers, and a discussion about how member groups can support this movement
4. Organizing (open timed discussion)
- Municipal (request submitted to discuss TCAN city strategy sub-committee)
- Provincial
- Federal (request submitted to discuss GreenPac debates)
5. Notice of the AGM (June 1)
About the space:
The Climate Ventures space was designed by Peggy Sue Deaven of Peggy Sue Collection, an award-winning, CSI-accelerated venture, for functionality, connection, and inspiration. Almost everything in the space has a sustainability story, such as being made locally by a member (green wall by Ripple Farms, tables by Just Be Woodsy) or out of low-carbon materials. We even have a light fixture in the shape of an HFC molecule made in Cabbagetown. Read more about the space.