Social Justice = ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Rethink! Reclaim! Respect!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 10:00am to 5:30pm

George Brown College, St. James Campus, 200 King St E, Toronto

This year the 5th annual Tommy Douglas Institute invites educational communities, wider communities and activists to make the connections between climate justice and social justice. 

If jobs are not green, can they be just? How does the natural world impact our health, education, housing? Must economic growth and prosperity always rest on environmental degradation as we gobble up resources and destroy what’s left? Can we fight for Indigenous sovereignty, gender rights, racial justice, freedom from conflict and violence, sustainable communities and the rights of all humanity without drawing connections to climate change and the environment? 

As we stand at the tipping point of irreversible climate disaster and the worst existential crisis to ever face our global humanity, we must... 

RETHINK our multiple connections and growing responsibilities to the natural world; 
RECLAIM our communities and democracies from the omnicidal hubris of a climate change denying superpower and its allies; and 
RESPECT the rights of an environment that is inseparable from the rights and dignity of all its people.

Join us as we add our voices to the millions around the world fighting for environmental justice.  

Unless we stand up for the planet we stand on, how can we stand for anything else?

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Event Agenda

The one-day event of roundtable sessions, interactive exhibits, an Environmental Justice Fair and a closing panel of special guest speakers, will open with a keynote address by Indigenous self-determination and environmental justice activist Clayton Thomas-Müller.