Restoring the Carbon Balance - The Technologies

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm


"Restoring the Carbon Balance", the three-part webinar series we are producing with Arizona State University, is about taking research steps now to have technologies commercially available in the next decade or so, which can cost effectively extract residual carbon from the air.  According to the International Panel on Climate Change, that is what it will take to avoid the worst climate disruptions.  In other words -- to save the world.  More about the series at

Missed Webinar 1? Nearly 1000 people registered for the first webinar in the series (on December 15) about the imperative for restoring the carbon balance, It featured climate policy leader Jeff Sachs, and climate scientists John Shepherd and Kevin Anderson.  If you missed it, download the slides here and watch the recording on the right. The webinar was moderated by David Biello, Ted Talks' Science Curator.  

Registration is open for webinar 2 in the series where experts will be discussing the status of negative carbon technologies that could spell the difference, in the next decade, in meeting climate goals. (Webinar 3, in the Spring, will address policy and financing.)