Planning a major mobilization Pan American Climate Summit

Monday, April 20, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

CSI Annex, Meeting Room #1, 720 Bathurst St is planning and organizing for a major mobilization being planned for July 5th in Toronto ahead of the Pan American Climate Summit.

This meeting won't be when we are striking an organizing committee, but when we will be gathering feedback and building coalition to formalize the organizing plan and towards forming a Toronto Organizing Committee for this project. Meetings for the Toronto Organizing Committee will start in early May and following this meeting the process for formally signing onto that committee will be circulated.

If there are other people that you think should be at this meeting, please feel free to share this invitation, but if they could please fill out this google form so we can have a sense of how many people to expect in case we need to find a larger room and for facilitation considerations.

Draft Agenda: 

7:00 - Meeting opening and acknowledgement of territory

7:10 - Go Around, Who is In the Room

7:30 - Overview of the plan so far, what's happening in Toronto, what is organizing with other groups outside Toronto on July 3/4, what resources have we committed to this project. (there will be time/space for clarifying questions)

7:50 - Facilitated Breakout Groups to answer questions: 

  • What do you want to see this mobilization look like? (Tactics)
  • What can we do in the organizing of this project to make more than just a one-off march? (Recruitment & Organizing) 
  • What story should this mobilization tell? (Communications)

8:20 - Second Breakout 

  • Who is missing from this conversation? Who needs to be reached out to?
  • What do you think are 350's biggest blind spots in this mobilization and how can we overcome them?

8:30 - Next Steps, How to Join the Organizing Committee & Closing 

If you have questions or comments on the agenda, please feel free to reach out! 

Here's a quote from Miles Horton (on of the founders of the Highlander School) that "we build this road by walking it" and we're looking forward to building this mobilization by organizing it with all of you,