Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Scotiabank Studio Theatre, 6 Noble Street, Toronto

A Climate-Based Sex Comedy!

Adapted from the classic by Aristophanes, Lysistrata is a climate-based sex comedy presented by as a lead-up event to the People's Climate Movement - Toronto March (

It is the not-too-distant future and the world's climate has reached a devastating state. Despite the best intentions of the world’s governments, carbon emissions have continued to grow. As a result, there have been large changes in, what is euphemistically referred to as, “the weather”. Wild water is untouchable (like the Niagara River today), the air is breathable, but unhealthy (like Beijing today), song birds are extinct (pigeons thrive) and rates of infertility and impotence among humans are high. Freak weather is common, destructive and often deadly. Slavery has been revived to cope with the huge numbers of displaced people. The world’s economy continues to grow, to the detriment of the biosphere. That is, until a few brave women decide to use one of their greatest powers to change the world.

Join us on April 26 for a live reading of David Craig's adaptation! Our wonderful cast will be announced soon - so stay tuned...

There will be a small reception after the performance where attendants are welcome to socialize and network. Light refreshments will be provided.

Proceeds from the reading will go to, our local affiliate of the international grassroots climate safety group. We are dedicated to climate justice which includes opposing approval and construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure, addressing first-hand concerns of front-line communities getting hit hardest and following their leadership, as well as divestment, reinvestment, and putting focus on research and construction of renewable energy products. For more information on what exactly we do and what campaigns we currently have running, please visit our website at It is thanks to our volunteer staff and generous donors that we are able to keep doing this important work!

For more information on the People's Climate March, visit or email climatejusticeto@gmail to get involved with organizing. Hope to see you #TakeToTheStreets with us on April 29!

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