Livestream of Federal-Provincial Carbon Coordination

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Online (live-streamed on this link)

Federal and provincial ministers will be meeting on March 3rd to discuss how best to move forward with coherent climate policies. Despite plenty of enthusiasm from the new federal government and momentum in a few provinces, the task ahead is daunting. Hard work will be required to sort through the many complex details. The Ecofiscal Commission will hold a live-stream event to dig into the challenges and solutions coordination presents. 

Moderator Chris Ragan, Chair, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission and McGill University, Department of Economics

Expert Panel
  • Paul Boothe
    Professor and Director of the Lawrence National Centre for Policy and Management at the Ivey Business School, Western University
  • Stewart Elgie
    Professor of law and economics at the University of Ottawa, and director of the University’s interdisciplinary Environment Institute
  • Kathryn Harrison 
    Professor of Political Science, UBC
  • Jennifer Winter
    Associate Director, Energy and Environmental Policy & Assistant Professor, The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary
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