Let’s TransformTO -- Brainstorming for a Sustainable City (Ward 19)

Monday, June 6, 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Harbord Collegiate, 286 Harbord Street, Toronto

Imagine Toronto in 2050: a vibrant, livable, thriving city 

and we’ve cut carbon emissions by 80%!


How do we get there?

City staff want your ideas.

Neighbours want to brainstorm and work with you.


Did you know that right now Toronto City staff are inviting communities to share their ideas to shape Toronto's future as a low-carbon city? TransformTO: Climate Action for a Healthy, Equitable, Prosperous Toronto will map the way to 80% reduction in Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. It’s a tall order, and the City is asking communities to get involved and come up with our best ideas. That’s just what we’ll do with this fun, stimulating “Open Space” event.


Special Guests:

Mike Layton, Councillor, Ward 19

Linda Swanston, Energy and Environment Division,  City of Toronto

Paul Antze (facilitator) Green Neighbours 21; Toronto Climate Action Network