JustEarth planning meeting

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Metro Hall room 305, 55 John St (near St Andrew subway station)


This month we will be discussing

  • IPCC new report
  • discussion of the ever-more devastating results
  • how to get the message to MPs
  • Stop Line 9 campaign, request for people to contact their city councillors (see below for a sample letter)
  • report from TCAN (Toronto Climate Action Network)
    • representative from JustEarth
  • Town hall co-hosted with Canadian Electoral Alliance on climate change and electoral reform

Sample letter to councillors

Dear Councillor,

With the increasing incidence rail disasters, it’s becoming clear that the oil industry and federal government are desperate to export Unconventional oil products regardless of the social cost.

The products being exported by rail are the same ones being shipped via Line 9. Both Diluted Bitumen (DilBit) and Bakken crude are Unconventional oil products that require either fracking or mining to extract. They are both categorized by the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) as Class 3, PG II products (explosive liquids) along with gasoline, naptha, etc. (Given a source of ignition, either product will explode when spilling from a pipe, as they did when spilling from rail cars in Lac-Mégantic.)

The difference to Torontonians (and Canadians) is that these Tar Sands products are simply passing through Toronto to be exported to other countries. They are not for local use; they are not being refined locally; they are endangering our communities for oil industry profits alone.

As part of the City of Toronto's submission to the NEB, an excerpt from the Supreme Court of Canada stated that "municipalities are trustees of the environment", and that as the level of government "being closest to the people, should be empowered to exceed, not lower, the national norms".

Therefore, I request that you support a ban on the transport or passage of Diluted Bitumen and Bakken crude through our city.