Home Energy Retrofits – can we make them go viral?

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

St. Matthew’s United Church in The Oakwood Room, 729 St. Clair W, one block west of Christie St., enter from Rushton

The dramatic cuts in carbon emissions that Toronto needs in coming decades will require a massive upgrade in the energy efficiency of the leaky, poorly insulated older homes where so many of us live. How can we make this process easy, reliable and affordable for everyone? Toronto's innovative Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) has been recognized internationally for its work in that direction, but can we make it even better? The program will soon be up for renewal, so this is the perfect moment for a close look at how it worked and to imagine its future.
Come and hear about HELP's successes and challenges from Marco Iacampo (HELP Program Manager, City of Toronto) and about some of the lessons learned from GN21's "Green Together" program (2009-2011), presented by one of its leaders,  Bob Fugere. We'll also hear some exciting news about retrofits at home resale from Chris Chopik of Sage Real Estate. Joining in the discussion will be Katie Harper (Director, Project Neutral), Sheena Sharp (Principal, Coolearth Architecture), and Paul Mero of Green 13.
If you've ever done a home energy renovation or you're even thinking about one, please bring your experience, questions and ideas.  We'll end by brain-storming ways to make home energy retrofits go viral!