Off-grid house tour

Sunday, April 24, 2016 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Concession #3 of Adjala Township at #2713

You are invited to visit the Ketchum's off-grid house.
The house was built 19 years ago and it has been opened to visitors in Earth Week every year since. The owners have not lived in it continuously, year-round, but more solar panels and other modifications would make life comfortable in cold, low sun winters.
The house is situated 40 minutes north of Pearson airport, east of the village of Hockley, on Concession #3 of Adjala Township at #2713 (8 and 1/2 kms. north of Hwy. 9). It has received three important awards and has been in magazines, a book, newspapers. There are extensive details about the house and a photo on the CMHC website <> under Low Impact Housing, Ketchum House. See also <> under ‘calendar’.
The house is set into a hillside preventing it from freezing when unoccupied in winter. It generates its own power from photo-voltaic panels and a small wind turbine. It has a year-round indoor garden, a masonry wood-fired heater, two composting toilets.
The Ketchums would appreciate it if visitors are able to let us know ahead of time how many will be coming. There is no charge. <anthonyketchum37 (at)> and 416 487 2795.