Global Divestment Day

Friday, February 13, 2015 - 12:45am

Recently, another set of U.N. climate talks ended in Lima, Peru. The Lima negotiations were disappointing but unsurprising -- not least because they once again underscored the huge influence wielded by the fossil fuel industry and this industry's ongoing ability to stall climate action.

If you think it's time we turned the tables on the fossil fuel industry, join for Global Divestment Day on February 13th.

To break the climate deadlock, we need to work together to break the power of this rogue industry -- and we need to do it now. So this February, people across six continents are planning to challenge the fossil fuel industry’s social license to operate by campaigning on a truly global level.

From mass actions in the world’s financial centers, to sit-ins, vigils, and banner drops at public institutions around the world, the pins on the Global Divestment Day actions map are multiplying rapidly: Click here to see if there's an event near you already scheduled for February 13th.

What if there's not yet an event being organized in your area? Here are six reasons you should add your own event to the map (and start planning as soon as possible):

Fossil fuels? Not a sustainable long-term investment.

The Shells and Exxons of this world think the climate crisis is an acceptable cost of doing business. (But we're betting you don't feel the same way.)

The divestment movement is growing faster than anyone ever imagined, and we're already starting to make the fossil fuel industry nervous.

We need to make climate action a priority now -- before the 2015 U.N. climate negotiations in Paris.

It’s time to join forces with frontline communities fighting the fossil fuel industry around the world.

Anyone can take part, anywhere -- and they are!

To meet some of the organizers already working to make Global Divestment Day a powerful movement moment, check out last week's web workshop recording and learn about the next steps for getting involved.

Ready to dive in and start planning? Click here to register your event today.

The people, united, will never be defeated. Thank you for standing with us, friends.