Flowing Water, Flooding, and Gardens for the Rain / The Lost Rivers of Ward 13 and RAINscapeTO with Helen Mills

Monday, June 12, 2017 - 6:15pm to 8:15pm

Jane/Dundas Library, 620 Jane St., Toronto

100 years ago in Ward 13 several little creeks flowed from an ancient sandbar (near the Stockyards) into Humber Bay. Today the creeks are buried under curving streets with steep ravine sides, and come above ground only in High Park - or sometimes in our basements! With more extreme weather predicted, many people are wondering what we can do about flooding in our homes and neighbourhoods.

In this fascinating interactive session, we’ll discover neighbourhood Lost Rivers, and find out just what happens to the rain that lands in our part of the city, where it flows and why it sometimes floods. Then, with the help of our session leaders, we’ll explore the best places to slow down and soak up the water. We’ll also learn about the new RAINscapeTO program in Toronto and a host of clever environmentally friendly solutions – rain gardens, green roofs, bioswales and others – that can keep our homes dry and streets safe even when the weather turns wild.

Learn about rain garden landscaping - a new way of gardening that can help prevent flooding, restore a more natural water cycle, and enhance quality of life. Helen Mills, founder of Toronto Green Community’s Lost Rivers program, will present the program with partners from RAINscapeTO. RAINscapeTO is a new program to bring RAIN garden landscaping to Toronto. It is a collaborative project of Toronto Green Community and Lost Rivers in partnership with Miziwe Biik, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, and a network of Eco landscapers. Co-sponsored by Our Fragile Planet, Jane/Dundas Library, and Green 13.