Environmental Book Club and Discussion Group

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Spadina Road Library, 10 Spadina Road, Toronto

Information About the Club: 
A book club designed to evoke community activism and discussion surrounding ideas around environmental justice. Books from environmental non-fiction literature will be read and analyzed to understand how the knowledge we are learning can be used to implement change in our community through our democratic tools.

 Set up on a bi-weekly model, the meetings will be divided into two segments; one hour each. The first hour will be dedicated to discuss the findings within the book in reading. We are requesting that only a couple chapters be read prior to each meeting to really allow an absorption of knowledge and a steady focus on the topic of discussion within those chapters. 

The second hour of the meeting will be an open discussion to figure out how are we going to use the books we are reading inspire us for change. We can discuss concerns that are happening within our community, our province and our nation and how they relate to our findings within the literature. As a group we can discuss how we can use our democratic system to install change and open communications with our political leaders of the discomforts we are learning about and our desire of change for the greater good.

For more information please email: derekjosephstrazzanti@gmail.com