East End Against Line 9 Discussion Meeting

Wednesday, January 13, 2016 - 6:30pm

Community Centre 55, 97 Main St. (south of Gerrard)

It is now up to the peoples of the world to ensure that each country does what is necessary to bring down the carbon emissions, which fuel climate change.

Commenting on world climate negotiations, Canadian Climate Change minister Catherine McKenna said, “We’re going to go home and figure out the plan…. Every Canadian has to do their part.” (Toronto Star, December 13)

Her words reflect the ambiguous outcome of negotiations between 195 countries in Paris November 30 - December 12. They adopted a goal of holding global warming “well below” 2c degrees, a step forward, but it did not establish an effective mechanism to achieve it.

Here are links to some comments on the Paris talks that East End committee supporters have suggested as useful:

Elizabeth May, MP: “Paris climate agreement throws the planet a lifeline, now it's up to us not to let this opportunity for climate action slip through our fingers.” Now Magazine

Peter Tabuns, MPP: “A huge momentum is building… Whatever [the] weaknesses… we need to take full advantage of the opportunities it brings.” December 16 letter to constituents. (see attached)

Maude Barlow: “We welcome the 1.5 degrees Celsius target…. But goals without actions to back them up are just more hot air.” Council of Canadians

La Via Campesina, the world peasant association: “There is nothing binding for states, national contributions lead us towards a global warming of over 3°c — and multinationals are the main beneficiaries.” December 13 press release.  

Vox Energy and Environment: “Now comes the hard part…  Most countries will have to make radical changes.” December 12 update by Brad Plumer.

Seven Wrinkles in Paris Deal: Oskar Reyes focuses on world justice issues. “A surprisingly ambitious target…. Unfortunately, however, the main text of the agreement is long on rhetoric and short on action.” Oskar Reyes, December 14.

Tar sands pipelines block climate progress

The Council of Canadians underlined how tar sands pipelines may prevent Canada from achieving its climate goals. One of these pipelines, Enbridge’s Line 9, has just been equipped to pump dangerous tar sands oil across Toronto.

If we are serious about achieving a 1.5c degree target, then we cannot approve new tar sands pipelines like TransCanada’s Energy East or Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain.… The Energy East pipeline alone could lead to a 40 per cent increase in tar sands production, which we will be locked into for 40 years. – Council of Canadians

350.org-Canada has launched a campaign for a “People’s Injunction” to halt work on such pipelines:

Prime Minister Trudeau and his party promised to include climate change and to respect community voices – especially First Nations – in pipeline reviews.

Join the People’s Injunction, a plan to use creative, non-violent means to ensure that the Prime Minister and the new federal government keep their promises to overhaul pipeline reviews [by the National Energy Board (NEB)] to include climate change and community voices. – 350.org

Toronto East End Against Line 9 welcomes further comment on these issues in preparation for our January 13 meeting.