Climate Change and the Implications for Canada and Our Communities

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 7:00pm

M. M. Robinson High School, 2425 Upper Middle Rd, Burlington

This event is being organized by a group of concerned citizens who see an urgent need for a greater understanding among Canadians as to how climate change is already starting to impact our society, and our economy, and the risks it presents to the well being of future generations. The ice storm that hit Burlington and parts of the GTA this winter and the flash floods on Aug 4 are examples of the type of extreme weather events we are warned to expect as the climate continues to warm at an alarming rate.

Our purpose is to provide a forum to help educate the public on climate change through a frank and open discussion on the facts and issues which affect all Canadians; this includes strategies for both mitigating, and adapting to, the impacts of climate change, the opportunities it presents and especially the implications for our communities.

The format and focus of the panel will be finalized in consultation with panel members and is expected to include:

  • The Science: What we know and what we don’t.
  • The Economy: Costs and benefits of changing to a low/no carbon economy.
  • Role of Key Stakeholders: How Government, Business and Communities can contribute to the change and adapt to changing climate conditions


  • David Etkin, Associate Professor Disaster & Emergency Management, York University.
  • Paul Kovacs, Executive Director Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction.
  • Dr. Christopher Ragan, Associate Professor Macroeconomics & Economic Policy, McGill University.
  • Tom Rand, successful entrepreneur, investor and author (Waking the Frog: Solutions for our Climate Change Paralysis).



The following organizations are lending their support to this event: McMaster Centre for Climate Change, Halton Environmental Network, Burlington Green, Burlington Post/Oakville Beaver (Metroland Media), Cogeco, A Different Drummer Books.


Local representatives from the four major political parties will be invited as well as the Mayors of Halton Region and Burlington and City Councillors.

Organizing Committee

  • Bill Liabotis: Retired; Formerly President, Strategic Leadership Forum.  Professor, Strategy & International Business, Mohawk College and European University, Brussels.
  • Adrian Gordon: Retired; Past Chair, World Conference on Disaster Management; Past Pres/CEO Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness.
  • Karina Gould: Trade & Investment Specialist.
  • Sydney Grieve: Recent Graduate, Public Relations, Past Outreach Coordinator, Climate Action Network Canada.
  • Nic Morrow: Student Environmental Studies at Dalhousie University.