Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

Thursday, July 13, 2017 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King St W, Toronto

Brings the Boreal to the Heart of Toronto

Feature documentary explores the unexpected health benefits of a walk in the woods
 Returning to Toronto for ONE NIGHT ONLY! The film will be playing at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on July 13th at 6:30, followed by a Q&A with Filmmaker Jeff McKay.

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About Call of the Forest and Diana Beresford-Kroeger:
Take a walk in the woods with acclaimed Irish-Canadian scientist and author, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, as she reveals our profound human connection to the ancient & sacred northern forests and the essential role that they play in sustaining our health, and the health of our planet. Orphaned in Ireland in her youth, Beresford-Kroeger was educated by elders who instructed her in the Brehon knowledge of plants and nature, resulting in her unique combination of western scientific knowledge and the traditional concepts of the ancient world. Her ambitious bioplan encourages ordinary people to reconnect with nature, joining together to replant the global forest. Her books include “The Sweetness of a Simple Life”, “The Global Forest”, and “A Garden for Life.” In 2016, the Royal Geographic Society named her one of 25 women explorers in Canada.

"Call of the Forest is a film of rare significance. It draws the viewer in the green world which sustains life on this planet at a crucial ecological point." - Annie Proulx, Pullitzer Prize-winning author

"This is a very important film, and I hope that all of the politicians in Ottawa receive a copy of it." - David Suzuki, scientist and author

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