Budget Deputation Training Session for TransformTO

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - 6:30pm

60 Lowther Ave., Toronto

Support TransformTO Climate Action Plan for the City

In December, the City Council voted 20-7 in favour of considering the funding for Transform TO’s recommendations for climate action in the 2017 budget.  However, several councilors, including the Chair of the Budget Committee, and the Mayor, voted against even considering this.   The majority of City councilors support making cuts to the budgets rather than investments, and therefore, getting funding for climate action is not assured despite the positive vote.  We hope to make a difference by lobbying our councilors and the Mayor to make climate action a funding priority.

Please come out to a budget deputation preparation forum to learn more and to prepare to submit your comments either in writing or in person between Jan 5th and Jan 10th.  This is the last opportunity to speak at a public forum, although councilors will continue to consider final budget decisions through February and into March.  So we will continue to lobby individual councilors after these hearings

Dates to depute and links to background reports are below.  To sign up please send an email to: buc@toronto.ca  (OR you can write to clerk@toronto.ca and the Clerk will forward your letter to the Mayor and Councillors.)

At this meeting we will present information on the Transform TO report and funding proposals and answer questions, and we’ll talk about how to depute effectively. 

PLEASE RSVP IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND. climatefast@climatefast.ca  the meeting will be in the large meeting room. We will use the rear entrance (on the west side of the house).