Briefing Session on Advocacy/Lobbying MPs

Thursday, January 5, 2017 - 7:00pm

O.I.S.E. 6th floor (at St George TTC), Toronto

This is a session for anyone willing to visit their MP to raise the urgency of climate change action. JustEarth emailed all GTA MPs in early December requesting a meeting for January, in their constituency office, as the House of Commons is not sitting then (it resumes January 30). 
    We said: “The subject is climate change: the need for an adequate, science-based, comprehensive action plan, co-ordinated with the provinces.” We noted the commitment made at COP21 in Paris, and the subsequent ratification of the Climate agreement.
    Yet, since then, pipelines have been approved that will result in increased extraction from the tar sands, and thus increased GHG emissions. Yet:
    “The world’s experts on climate change tell us that our targets are not adequate. Some provinces have moved impressively on carbon pricing, but Saskatchewan is stalling; Albert’s carbon tax is accompanied with plans for expanded fossil fuel extraction. Canada still subsidizes the fossil fuel industry!
    We believe that Canada should play its fair share in making the reductions in GHG emissions needed to avert runaway climate change. We support strong federal measures and federal leadership on climate change.”

If you have not visited your MP before, this session is for you! We will have briefing materials and an opportunity to discuss what to raise.    If you do not need a briefing, but are willing to take part, please contact us at