BCSEA Webinar - The Carbon Bubble - Unburnable Fossil Fuels

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

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with Mark Campanale
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Fossil fuel companies and oil producing nations have confirmed reserves, with firm plans to extract them, of enough fossil fuels to generate about 2,975 GT CO2e - five times more than can be burnt if we are to avoid 'disastrous' climate change.

In 2012, these reserves were valued at US $4 trillion of share values and US $1.27 trillion in debt; a further US $650 Billion was spent on exploration for yet more reserves.

What will be the effects on the financial system if these are stranded assets? What are the financial risks of holding or buying them now ? And how could these funds be re-allocated to safe renewable energy sources which will have more secure future returns?

And what are the consequences for coal, oil and natural gas expansion and exploration plans, and the governments and companies involved?

In preparation for the webinar, here is an edited report of their work in 2013.

See also Canada's Carbon Liabilities The Implications of Stranded Fossil Fuel Assets for Financial Markets and Pension Funds by Marc Lee & Brock Ellis. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, March 2013.

Mark Campanale is Founding Director of The Carbon Tracker Initiative in London UK. He conceived and originated the ‘unburnable carbon’ thesis which was picked up by Bill McKibben in Rolling Stone Magazine and has since taken on huge global significance. He was editor of  Unburnable Carbon, are markets carrying a carbon bubble?, and the 2013 report Wasted Capital. Prior to forming Carbon Tracker, Mark had twenty years experience in sustainable financial markets.

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