All candidates meeting focussing on the intersection of climate and democracy

Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Toronto First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St Clair Ave West (at Avenue Rd)

There will be an all candidates meeting focussing on the intersection of climate and democracy.

SCRUPLING” GUIDELINES for all candidates meeting

What is “Scrupling”?  “Scrupling” is an old Quaker practice. When faced with difficult issues such as human rights, war and slavery, Quakers sat with neighbours to listen, share and search for ways to respond, each in accordance with their own scruples / principles.   Scrupling was revived by Ursula Franklin and the Toronto Friends as an effort to facilitate a different mode of interaction regarding urgent issues.  It is a serious effort to avoid being locked into partisan positions as we discuss common concerns and seek to find paths forward.  This session is not to be an argument to win or lose, but rather a serious and heartfelt search for ways to stop the ravages of climate change and renew Canadian democracy.      

Hear Ursula Franklin explain “scrupling” on CBC   

The issue: The intersection of climate and democracy

How can we save our environment and our democracy together?                                                                                                                                  

Brief Guidelines:

. The core of the session is a group of people who share a concern, and who are willing to adhere to the ground rules.  It is not an open forum.  We come with heart and mind prepared to try a different mode of interaction.

. Purpose is to share perspectives and try to find solutions that everyone can support.

. Process-based, not issues-based. The focus is on process problems that prevent issues from being discussed and resolved.  

. We begin thoughtful silence, and there is silence between speakers.

. Each speaker has a maximum of one minute

. Due to the time restrictions, some people may not have a chance to speak, but all will thoughtfully listen.

. No speaker will repeat what someone else has said.

. As you stand to speak, please state your name and how this issue is connected to you.

Climate Fast is keeping a spreadsheet of all candidates meetings and is recruiting volunteers to attend and to ask climate questions.  

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