100% Renewable by 2050 Campaign

Monday, November 23, 2015 - 6:30pm

Steam Whistle Brewing. 255 Bremner Boulevard

Fleming College’s Environmental Visual Communication (EVC) program at the Royal Ontario Museum will be hosting an event on November 23rd to discuss the future of renewable energy in Ontario.  EVC is a program hosted by Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum, designed to breed leaders of a new school of environmental communicators that act to reframe environmental messaging and dialogue.

This year’s program concludes with a campaign to discuss the future of renewable energy development in Ontario and to urge provincial decision makers to invest in renewable energy. As our cities continue to expand and develop, there is a growing need to address Canada’s dependence on fossil fuels to ensure the sustainability of our future. Over 50 cities around the world have already made the commitment to shift to 100% renewable energy sources, with Vancouver and Oxford County as the only Canadian municipalities on this list.

The EVC program has invited the members of Ontario’s municipal governments and other figures in the environmental sector to make the switch.

Cost: Free RSVP: www.eventbrite.ca/e/100-renewable-by-2050-tickets-19332978459

Contact: www.100by2050.com