Mitigate climate change impacts by helping people adopt environmentally responsible behaviours.



Empowering People and Organizations to Lead a Cultural Transition

  • We enhance young people's motivation for change and increase their sense of self-efficacy to make meaningful environmental impacts through their own personal choices.
  • We enhance environmental organizations' audience engagement strategies to foster stronger outcomes from their environmentally-focused campaigns and initiatives.

​​Measurable Results

  • Enviromentum demonstrates value by collecting key metrics in the Climate Conversations™ workshop. These metrics reflect an individual’s preparedness and self-efficacy to engage with new environmentally responsible behaviours.
  • All of our initiatives are informed by academic research and vetted past experts in the appropriate fields. We know that climate change is happening on account of credible scientific evidence, and Enviromentum applies an equally appropriate level of scrutiny to all parts of each of its initiatives.

Maintaining Behaviour changes

  • Any change worth making is a change worth keeping. Participants in our Climate Conversations™ workshop create a commitment plan that helps them to maintain any new environmentally responsible behaviours they choose to take on.
  • After the participants complete Climate Conversations™, we collaborate with credible, environmentally-focused partnered organizations to ensure that the workshop participants have pathways to continued engagement in environmental issues.​