DO THE MATH The Movie - A Movie to Spark a Movement

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 - 6:30pm

Jane/Dundas Branch Public Library, 620 Jane Street

Co-sponsored by Green 13 and the Jane / Dundas Branch Branch Public LibraryDo The Math

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DO THE MATH is a fast-paced and inspiring film about the rising movement to solve the climate crisis.

This 42-minute documentary is about the rising movement in the United States to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis and challenge the fossil fuel industry. While it is set in the U.S, the maths the film outlines apply globally -- making it important for all of us to watch.

The fossil fuel industry is killing us.

They have five times the amount of coal, gas and oil that is safe to burn -- and they are planning on burning it all. Left to their own devices, they'll push us past the brink of cataclysmic disaster -- life as we know it will be irrevocably altered forever. Unless we rise up and fight back.

DO THE MATH chronicles follows the climate crusader Bill McKibben as he works with a rising global movement in a David-vs-Goliath fight to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis.

This growing groundswell of climate activists is going after the fossil fuel industry directly, energizing a movement like the ones that overturned the great immoral institutions of the past century, such as Apartheid in South Africa. The film follows people who are putting their bodies on the line the Keystone XL Pipeline and leading universities and institutions to divest in the corporate polluters hellbent on burning fossil fuels no matter the cost.

The film also features a veritable who's who of the climate movement including Dr. James Hansen (Director, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies), Naomi Klein (Author, The Shock Doctrine), Lester Brown (President, Earth Policy Institute), Michael Brune (Executive Director, Sierra Club), Majora Carter (Founder, Sustainable South Bronx), Jessy Tolkan (Co-Executive Director of Citizen Engagement Laboratory), Phil Radford (Executive Director of Greenpeace), James Gustave Speth (Co-Founder of Natural Resources Defense Council), Mike Tidwell (Executive Director, CCAN), Van Jones (CNN Correspondent & Author, The Green Collar Economy), Bobby Kennedy Jr. (President, Waterkeeper Alliance ), among others.

Some quotes taken from the trailer of the film:

  • If it's wrong to wreck the climate, it's wrong to profit from that wreckage. Bill McKibben
  • 2012 was the hottest year in the U.S on record.
  • We're building the kind of political movement that will change things. … we're taking on the fossil fuel industry directly. Bill McKibben
  • These companies are a rogue force. We're no longer at the point of trying to stop global warming, too late for that. We're trying to keep it from a complete and utter calamity. Bill MdKibben
  • Carbon in the atmosphere greater than 350 ppm is not compatible with life on Earth. Bill Mckibben
  • The fossil fuel industry has 5 X more oil, coal, and gas than it's safe to burn. Billl McKibben
  • If they carry out their business plan, the planet tanks. Bill McKibben
  • They are locking us into a future we can't survive. Naomi Klein
  • Tar sands are the turning point in our fossil fuel addiction. James Hansen
  • What's at stake now is civilization itself. Lester Brown
  • We subsidize the fossil fuel industries, and that's just financially and morally bankrupt.
  • We have to send them a message that we are going to hold them liable.
  • This is the only question in the long run. Bill McKibben