Climate Change Toronto (CCT)

Climate Change Toronto is a meetup group based in North Toronto. The objectives of their meetups are to:

1) Increase awareness of the latest information about climate changes and its causes and impacts, through exposure to media, books reviews and qualified guest speakers and discussion,
2) Spread the word amongst members and their acquaintances about climate change,
3) Promote energy-saving procedures in personal lives of the members,
4) motivate like-minded members to encourage others to recycle and discourage waste of energy at work and public places,
5) Invite general public to attend presentations by environmental scientists, and
6) Encourage public support for parties and politicians who are aware and willing to act upon climate control measures.

By doing so they hope that they are doing their fair share to keep the planet habitable for our children and grandchildren.

Join them and get active on the issues! May we reduce the severity of current climate change disasters and save lives and our planet.