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Do you suffer from the Curse of Knowledge?

Do you get frustrated by how difficult it seems to convince your friends, family and acquaintances to accept and take action on the threats posed by climate change? I sure do.
A while ago I was discussing this with a friend who mentioned the book “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die”* and I remembered that it was in my library.  So I gave it another look and here are some ideas that might be of use to better communicate the dangers we must all face.
From the back cover …

IMF recommends revenue neutral carbon pricing

On July 31, the IMF made a major announcement of their just published book on energy pricing and taxes. I was amazed at how strongly they came out in favour of revenue neutral carbon taxes.

For The Love Of ... effective messaging

Recently I listened to a Webinar by UK based The Climate Coalition on their new campaign "For the love of xxx let's do something about climate change" where xxx would be something that people are passionate about. For me, it would be something like "For the love of monarch butterflies, let's do something about climate change".

Climate Change Accountability Act revisited

I recently discovered that on June 15 2011 (yes ... 2011 ... not a typo), Megan Leslie, NDP MP, tabled Private Members Bill, Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-224) previously tabled by Bruce Hyer as C-311 (and before that by Jack Layton as C-377.) I was appalled that I had not previously been aware of this Bill.

Further investigation revealed that in Jun 16, 2014, Matthew Kellway introduced a Private Members Bill (Bill C-619) which replaces Bill C-224.

Seasons Greetings?

Are we all living in denial?

A major influence on my thinking has been the book "Living in Denial: Why Even People Who Believe in Climate Change Do Nothing About It," by Kari Marie Norgaard, that examines why those who know about climate change fail to act on that knowledge.


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