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16 tips for avoiding climate burnout

In my previous blog I discussed burnout in general but today I found a useful article in Grist which discusses avoiding burnout due to climate change activism. In case anyone is interested check this article by Gillian Caldwell. It was posted in 2009 before the Copenhagen COP but I think it is still very relevant.

Am I burning out?

Recently I have been feeling burned out (depression, tired, irritable ... I'm sure my friends could add a few more symptoms). I have done a bit of research into burnout and have found some articles on the subject ... this article in Psychology Today is good:

The Oil Price Opportunity

What could be the impact of a carbon tax given the recent sharp drop in the price of a barrel of oil?  If we add a tax/fee/levy (call it whatever you want) now, will it make a big difference in consumption of fossil fuels since it will not raise the cost of fossil fuels to the previous levels?

The first zoo-biogas plant in North America reduces my GHG emissions

Several years ago, I decided to get my electricity from Bullfrog Power and instead spend my energy on getting our governments to mitigate climate change.

Later, when Bullfrog introduced zero emission gas (imported from Quebec at present) I signed up with them.

Why politicians do not fight climate change - Walkom

The following provocative article appeared in The Star. It suggests that Canadians are responsible for the fact that our politicians do not act to mitigate climate change. Even though we say we are very concerned, if asked whether the average household should pay $100 more per year, only 50% said they would.

In the end, voters don't care enough about global warming. That's why the Lima climate-change conference was a flop.

Climate change is the issue that Canadians refuse to address.

We talk about it.

Revised chart for the target emissions of US and Canada

Some time ago I posted a chart which indicated what Canada's targets would be if we followed the US (as promised by Stephen Harper.)

It has since been suggested that the chart would be more useful if it was projected to 2025 (the same as Obama pledged) and also included the IPCC targets of between 25% and 40% below 1990 by 2020 (projected to 2025.)

What you can do about climate change

Global Warming! it's out of control! ...

I recently was sent a link to this cartoon which I think is worth sharing with our readers.

Source: First Dog on the Moon

What would our 2020 target be if we adopted the new US target?

After Barack Obama announced the new US target, I began to wonder what the impact on Canada’s targets would be if we used the new US target of 26% below 2005 by 2025.  I revised a chart I originally created in 2013.


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