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Request from Canadian youth at COP21 to raise a hand in support of zero by 2050

I got this message today from the Canadian Youth Delegation at COP21. Here is what they are asking for:

SOCIAL MEDIA ACTION -- we're asking folks at home to raise a hand in support of zero by 2050. If you can help us amplify this call that would be great just share the attached image! All folks have to do is raise a hand with the message written on their palm & tweet with the following text "Hi @ec_minister! I’m raising my hands for #zeroby2050! #CountUsIn #COP21 #COP21Can"

Looks like TCAN Friend, Ben Donato-Woodger, in the bottom middle image.

100% Possible March for Climate Solutions

TCAN member Patricia participated in the recent 100% rally in Ottawa. It was an inspiring event especially with an estimated 25,000 marchers. If you look closely you will see her towards the front of the first zero ;-)

Canadian emissions from 1990-2013

​Last week Environment Canada published the National Inventory Report of Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks for the period 1990–2013

This is the Canadian Government’s Submission to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

John Oliver on scientific balance

John Oliver uses comedy to make an essential point about scientific balance:

TEA Actions on Climate Change

Franz Hartmann, Executive Director of Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA) sent this information to TCAN regarding TEA's actions at the City.

1. TEA released its Green Action Agenda last Thursday with a section on severe weather and climate change. This Agenda will be used to develop survey questions for candidates running in the upcoming municipal election.

Video - Story Wars: Narratives On Carbon Pollution

In the summer of 2012, Climate One convened three experts in human behavior, environment, and narrative storytelling. Recorded at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, host Greg Dalton speaks with Dr. Carrie Armel, Jon Else, and Jonah Sachs on why crafting a compelling narrative is much more effective than sheer facts in communicating and motivating people on the reality of climate change.

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