Climate Change Accountability Act revisited

I recently discovered that on June 15 2011 (yes ... 2011 ... not a typo), Megan Leslie, NDP MP, tabled Private Members Bill, Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-224) previously tabled by Bruce Hyer as C-311 (and before that by Jack Layton as C-377.) I was appalled that I had not previously been aware of this Bill.

Further investigation revealed that in Jun 16, 2014, Matthew Kellway introduced a Private Members Bill (Bill C-619) which replaces Bill C-224.

Video - Story Wars: Narratives On Carbon Pollution

In the summer of 2012, Climate One convened three experts in human behavior, environment, and narrative storytelling. Recorded at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, host Greg Dalton speaks with Dr. Carrie Armel, Jon Else, and Jonah Sachs on why crafting a compelling narrative is much more effective than sheer facts in communicating and motivating people on the reality of climate change.

Seasons Greetings?

Are we all living in denial?

A major influence on my thinking has been the book "Living in Denial: Why Even People Who Believe in Climate Change Do Nothing About It," by Kari Marie Norgaard, that examines why those who know about climate change fail to act on that knowledge.


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