Will we choose dirty travel or a safe climate?

This a follow up to my recent blogs on emissions due to flying. I found a great chart on emissions per mode of travel. This infographic on the National Observer was developed by Click here to see it at full scale.

One quote from the blog:

Flying sadly has no climate safe options. The very best a passenger can do is to choose an economy class seat on the most efficient airline and they will still only manage ~5,700 km per tonne of climate pollution. Choosing a first class seat is more than twice as climate polluting, delivering only 2,000 km per tonne. Executive jets are worse yet.

However, my recent long distance train trips are not much better given the lack of electrification on most of the tracks. From now on, I'll have to stay at home or take a bus.

This climate change charts and graphics (Barry Saxifrage) / CC BY 4.0